Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Magical Powers of Donkey Milk

Humans have touted the healing powers of donkey milk all through history, dating as far back as the Egyptians. Stories that have been passed down say that Cleopatra, Queen of Ancient Egypt (69BC – 30BC), took baths in donkey milk to keep her skin looking young and beautiful. She kept more than 300 Jennies (female donkeys) to provide enough milk for her daily bath.  

The “Father of Medicine,” Hippocrates (460BC – 370 BC), recommended the use of donkey milk for the healing of poisoning, infectious diseases, fevers, and wounds.

Donkey milk is considered to be the closest match to human milk because it contains high amounts of lactose and low amounts of fat and protein. It has been used as a substitute to cow’s milk for infants who are lactose intolerant.

I’ve referenced Jill Bough’s book, Donkey, for this post and highly recommend it!

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